Wear because you care! New mask policy at YMCA and H2O centres.

We are now offering outdoor classes in addition to our virtual fitness options. Indoor classes remain suspended due to provincial health orders. Learn more

Wear because you care!

Masks now required at your YMCA 

At the YMCA, the safety of our members, staff, volunteers and our entire community is our greatest priority.

Our Provincial Health Officer announced, on November 19, 2020, that non-medical masks are required in all indoor public spaces, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in BC. Therefore, masks must be worn by all staff, members, participants and visitors while attending YMCA of Okanagan Health, Fitness and Aquatics branches and programs. There are exceptions for children 12 years and under, for those swimming, and for those who have diverse abilities or medical conditions that prevent wearing a mask.

The most recent Provincial Public Health Order surrounding indoor exercise on March 31, 2021 requires that masks are now worn while excercising as well. 

Masks are not required while swimming. If you remove your mask to enter the pool, please ensure it is properly stored (e.g. in a bag or in your pocket) and do not hang masks on equipment or place them on shared surfaces.

You should bring your own mask with you when you come to the Health, Aquatic and Fitness Branches of the YMCA. We will have reusable masks available for $2 at the membership desk.

If you have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, please notify a member of our staff team.

Thank you for helping to keep our communities safe.

At the YMCA, our greatest priority has always been protecting the health and safety of all who enter our doors, especially our community’s most vulnerable members. 

Our safety procedures at the YMCA follow the guidelines from the Public Health Officer. As per the order on November 19, 2020, it is now a requirement for all staff, volunteers and members to wear a mask in public spaces. This includes all common areas such as: the lobby, hallways, stairwells and change rooms.

Masks are not required while on the fitness floor or while exercising.

We are closely following the guidelines set out in the latest Provincial Health Order for the use of face coverings in public indoor spaces. The most recent update to this Health Order (as of November 25, 2020), states that masks are not mandated for children 12 years and under. At this time, we are recommending that everyone (with the exception of children 2 years and under) wears mask indoors wherever possible, however, masks will not be mandated within our YMCA of Okanagan facilities for children 12 years and under.

Masks are required upon entry to and exit from the facility and while transitioning from one space to another. This includes:

  • The lobby, hallways, stairways, elevators, washrooms and changerooms
  • Before and after fitness classes, lane and open swim
  • When transferring between equipment
  • On the pool deck (please keep your mask safetly secured in a plastic bag with your towel on the deck while in the pool)
  • Any common area not expressly listed here

No, a mask is an additional measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19; physical distancing and proper hand washing remain important. As does staying home when you are feeling unwell.

No, masks are not required while actively engaging in any fitness activity within our facility such as while using a piece of fitness equipment, using the gymnasium, attending a fitness class or swimming.

Masks will be required while transitioning from space to space on the fitness floor, including when swtiching equipment (if not in same general small area), in hallways, change rooms, when entering and exiting the pool deck and in all other common areas not listed here. 

According to the Health Officer’s most recent orders, “people wo cannot wear a mask or who cannot put on or remove a mask on their own are exempt.” This may include people with diverse abilities or a medical condition. As well, masks for children under the age of 2 is not recommended. At this time, we will not be mandating mask-use for children 12 years and under, however, we reccomend everyone over the age of 2 years wears a mask wherever possible.

Children between the age of 3 and 12 years old are encouraged but not mandated to wear a mask at this time. 

Yes. Although masks are not required while actively engaging in physical activity, the newest updates to the Provincial Health Order requires everyone to wear masks while in transition from space to space and in all common areas indoors. This means, when transitioning between equipment and in all hallways and changerooms. 

We have reusable masks available for $2 at the membership desk. The expectation is for all employees, volunteers and members to bring their own masks wherever possible. 

WorkSafeBC has provided a poster that illustrates the steps to follow when putting on and taking off your mask. View poster