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Ages 10+

New to the facility? Get a basic program or orientation to get you started. Already a motivated exerciser? Refresh your workout with a new basic program. Meet with a Y Wellness Coach for a one hour one-on-one fitness training program every eight weeks to reach your health and fitness goals.

Individual Training is perfect for someone who is already a motivated exerciser but needs a new basic plan to refresh their workouts or someone that is new to the facility and needs a few pointers to help them get started. Individual training differs from personal training as it is meant to provide a basic program or orientation rather than working to achieve specific and measurable fitness goals.

Fee: Trainer Certification: Duration: Registration
Included in Membership Certified Weight Trainer An individual one-on-one appointment that is available 4 times per year. Register online or call 250-491-9622 ext 211.

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