Welcome back to your healthy family haven. Chase away the back to school blues with fabulous activities for children, youth and families.

Our teams have been working diligently to design fall programs that balance the need for children to remain active, social and engaged, while also keeping extra safety precautions in mind to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses.

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Keeping your children healthy and safe

Our programming will strive to strike an appropriate balance between the current restrictions and the critical need for children to stay active, maintain a healthy routine, and connect with peers and adult role models. Prior to COVID-19, only 1/3 of children were getting the daily 60 minutes of physical activity required and we suspect this number has drastically decreased. We know that being active in the outdoors decreases stress, boosts mood, prevents anxiety, contributing to a healthier, stronger immune system. It is with these thoughts that the YMCA of Okanagan decided to offer families the choice to have their children involved.