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steps to become a lifeguard or swim instructor
YMCA Aquatic Certifications at H2O

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Additional YMCA Aquatic Certification programs are available at the H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre.

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Open the door to employment and volunteer possibilities through our YMCA Aquatic Certifications programs. Certification as a lifeguard or swimming instructor can lead to employment opportunities at the YMCA and elsewhere. You'll also develop leadership skills that can have a profound impact on your future success.

Bronze Medallion & CPR-A

Learn the four components of water rescues — judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness. Students learn self-rescue techniques; defense and release methods; and tows and carries in preparation for challenging rescues involving conscious and unconscious victims, including spinal injuries and circulatory emergencies. Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim (500m in 15...

Bronze Cross & CPR-C

Challenge yourself with more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic environments. Candidates develop proficiency at performing patient assessments, managing aquatic spinal injuries, and preventing the loss of life in a variety of aquatic emergencies while developing stroke endurance and fitness training skills. Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance...

Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Combo

Complete both bronze lifesaving levels in one exciting course! Bronze Medallion | Bronze Cross Program Requirements Participants must be 13+ years of age if they have not completed Bronze Star If younger than 13, participants can take this course if they have completed Bronze Star The Canadian Lifesaving Manual

Standard First Aid, CPR-C and AED Public Access

This is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. Whether you need training for employment or simply want to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergencies, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to act with confidence. Taught by a certified Lifesaving Society First Aid Instructor, using practical activities and hands-on training, you will learn to...

Note: The recognized providers of Standard First Aid are the Lifesaving Society, Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance, Canadian Ski Patrol and Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Standard First Aid, CPR-C and AED Recertification

Recertification is recommended every 3 years. Program Requirements Completion of Standard First Aid Certificate or Aquatic Emergency Care within 5 years.

National Lifeguard Award (Pool)

National Lifeguard training develops the basic lifeguarding skills needed to adapt to different aquatic facilities and situations. Get trained in injury prevention, public education, safety, supervision, team work, rescue, and First Aid. National Lifeguard is a Lifesaving Society (LS) certification offered through the YMCA. National Lifeguard is the only nationally recognized lifeguard...

NL Pool Option Recert

NLS expired? Get recertified. Program Requirements Current CPR-C (within 1 year) Candidates must bring awards (NL Pool Option and CPR-C) to the first class.

YMCA Swim Instructor

Share your love of swimming with others! As a leader in the pool, you can play an essential role in helping others learn to swim and improve their health in many ways. You will learn a variety of teaching techniques, lesson planning, progressions, and more. To put it all into practice, you'll also work alongside a certified YMCA Swim Instructor to teach children during a swim lesson. To take...

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