Your online membership account will allow you to update your contact information and payment information. In the near future you will also be able to register for child and youth programs and swim lessons. Stay tuned for more details on this soon.

Fall programs are expected to become available for registration online in the fall. Acessing your account online will allow you to update your account information so you are ready for program registration ensures that you receive critical membership alerts. Our program teams are working hard to develop quality programs for our YMCA and H2O families with COVID-19 guidelines in mind. Stay tuned for more details.

No. Please continue to use the current method you are using to book all fitness classes, lane swimming and health coaching appointments. This additional account is an upgrade from our old membership and program registration system and it includes some added online service benefits like the ability to update your information and register for programs online.

No. At this time, you must email, call or visit your YMCA or H2O centre to cancel your membership or request a membership hold.

Phone: 250-491-9622

Online holds and cancellations may be added in the future, but we are still working to determine full system capabilities and sort through policy changes.

In order to provide the best online experience for the variety of programs we offer, we are currently utilizing more than one type of software. Each one excells at providing a specific service with the small drawback of having to access them separately.

Your experience is important to us and we are looking at ways to integrate our software systems in the future. For now, we hope you enjoy the freedom to do more online at the Y through these platforms.

If you can't remember which one is which, our online access page will point you in the right direction.

Our new system operates differently than our previous one and there are necessary changes based on the functionality of the software, many of which benefit our members, including:

  • The elimination of cancellation fees (cancellation will be allowed with 30 days notice).
  • You can put your membership on hold at any time (for up to 4 months — over and above holds due to our COVID-19 shut down period). We will simply require a minimum of 2 days notice prior to your payment date. If you choose to return prior to your hold end date, we can now reactivate your membership early.
  • A minimum of 30 days notice will be provided for any annual fee increases. No new rate increases are currently planned.

Are you ready?

Access your account (or create one if you are new to the Y) today!

Please see our online access page for all online registration and reservation options.