H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre - Group Fitness Schedule


  • 1:00PM - 2:00PM Fit for Life - H2O
    (In Person)

    Maintain and improve full body strength, mobility, and balance in a safe environment using chairs for modifications and support. Exercises with various equipment aim to assist daily living and independence. Instructors with special knowledge of health conditions lead the class and can help modify any portion of it to ensure everyone’s success.

    H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre H2O - Back Studio
  • 5:15PM - 6:30PM Yoga - H2O
    Ages 13+ (In Person / Virtual)

    This class combines traditional poses, breathing, and basic meditation techniques to reduce stress, increase strength, flexibility, and your overall well-being. Various equipment may be used (blocks, straps, bolsters, foam rollers, exercise balls, etc.). Beginners and those new to yoga are welcome.

    H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre H2O - Back Studio
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