Here's the most important information:

  • Members must reserve their spot through our online class booking system prior to class. You can find schedules and instructions on how to do this on our schedules page.
    • Drop-ins are not permitted at this time.
    • There are no consequences to cancelling late due to reasons surrounding COVID-19.
  • Group fitness participants will be expected to come dressed and ready for class. Participants will no longer have access to change rooms and showers.
  • Participants are asked to show up no more than 10 minutes before class.
  • Each participant will be let into the studio by the instructor one at at a time. We ask that participants stay in their "workout box" once they have entered the studio.
  • Please do not come to the facility if you are on the wait list for a class. Please only come if you recieve a notification that you have secured a spot in the class.
  • All participants must receive, read and understand the new BCCDC COVID-19 guidelines for group fitness.

You'll also notice the following protocols:

  • Our floor blocking (where to stand) is now spaced out as 2.5 x 2.5 metre boxes. This will provide ample space for your fitness activity during a class.
  • Fitness instructors also have the same 2.5 x 2.5 metre space radius to demonstrate each activity. No hands-on corrections will be provided.
  • Music levels will be reduced to ensure the instructor can communicate at a normal speaking volume or use a microphone.
  • All use of fans in the studio is discontinued.
  • Doors and windows will be left open wherever possible.

Low intensity group fitness classes and many health promotions classes that were previously cancelled will restart in person on Monday January 11, 2021. We have received the new health guidelines around safe and healthy operation of group fitness classes based on our newest Provincial Health Orders. A selection of classes will be offered in person with adaptions to reduce high intensity strength and cardio vascular activity. These classes include offerings such as Yoga, Chair Yoga, Fit For Life, and Core Strength.

We continue to offer some higher intensity classes virtually.

For Health Promotion classes, please contact our Health Promotion supervisors for more information: at the Kelowna Family Y or at H2O.

You can find our updated group fitness schedules on our schedules page online.

The Health Order mandated by Provincial Health Officials includes an industry-wide cancellation of high-intensity group physical activities until further notice. This includes the suspension of Cycle classes and High Intensity Interval Training classes (HIIT) at Kelowna Family Y, H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre and the Downtown Y. We continue to offer many of these classes virtually so you can stay healthy from home.

As well, all of our additional group fitness classes were suspended temporarily until updated guidelines were issued regarding the operation of safe group fitness within BC. We have now received these details and a selection of our classes will resume starting Monday, January 11, 2021.

Based on the most recent Provincial Health Order and BCCDC Guidelines released for the safe operation of group fitness classes in BC, our aquatic fitness classes will continue to be temporarily suspended until further notice. Please continue to monitor our website for updates. We cannot wait to offer these classes again in the future when it is deemed safe to do so.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with some virtual classes which may be affecting your experience. We are working hard to resolve these issues. We hope you will continue to join us for these sessions and that you next class runs smoothly! It is our goal to resolve these issues soon.

To optimize your virtual class experience, please also ensure the following:

  • Your browser and device you're using are updated with the latest versions of their software. (The ideal browser to use is Google Chrome, but Safari will also work.)
  • You've restarted your device prior to joining the virtual class
  • You've gone into your settings and have cleared your cookies and cache
  • You've turned off any pop-up blockers
  • You're connected to a stable wifi/internet source that is the fastest speed available to you.
  • You've considered plugging in a speaker or using wireless headphones for better sound quality
  • You aren't trying to speak to the instructor via your microphone throughout the class

Regardless of when you sign up for a virtual class, your link to the class will arrive in your inbox (check junk mail if not in inbox) 30 mins before the class starts. If you sign up within 30 mins before the class starts, the link will be sent to you immediately.