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Healthy living starts here.

Joyce has been a Kelowna Family YMCA member for the last five years. Neither financial barriers nor living with COPD and osteoporosis has stopped Joyce from attending the Y’s Healthy Hearts program three days a week.

Joyce is a retired casino slots supervisor and was able to afford a YMCA membership on her own at first. It was only after her husband retired a few years later that Joyce had to ask for financial assistance as they were now living off a very fixed income with no pension benefits. She knew she had to continue on her path to better health.

Joyce was a smoker and on a variety of prescriptions to mask the health issues she was experiencing. At one point she plummeted to 79 pounds and became very sick. She quickly discovered that exercise was the medicine that alleviated her symptoms. She quit smoking four years ago and has never felt healthier or happier.

When asked why she loves the Y, Joyce exclaims:

“The Y is my favourite place to be. Super staff! Such a fun crazy bunch and Healthy Hearts is such a supportive community. I’m also so grateful to everyone who donates to the Y as that generosity has made it possible for me to afford a membership!”