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Genna McCansh, 25, had a very poor relationship with her emotions, especially anxiety. She was under the false assumption that emotions were to be ignored or controlled.

After hearing about a Mindfulness Group information session through the Y, Genna, who was already interested in self-improvement, decided to sign up to participate in the program.

“It was incredibly helpful to learn that I wasn’t the only one struggling with stress,” explains Genna. “I feel like an entirely different person! I honestly feel something fundamental in me changed.”

“There shouldn’t be such a stigma on improving ourselves and our mental health,” says Genna. “Mental Health is just as important, maybe more important, than physical health.”

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope, community organizations such as the Y, Canadian Mental Health Association and Foundry Kelowna have resources and supports in place to support your journey to an improved quality of life.